Ox House Guard

Ox Elite Guard

The Morito Bushi was taught to lash out at anything that attacked them. Only with unrelenting, ferocious assaults could they hope to survive the trials of the Empire. [1] The main dojo was housed at Shiro Morito. [2]

Duty Edit

Their purpose was to protect the Empire from Yobanjin raids or wandering gaijin savages. But their true purpose was to be the sole protectors of the Hidden Temple of the Kolat. It was the only bushi school from which almost every graduate was a Kolat. [3]

Training Edit

Students learned from seasoned warriors how to ride, fight, and track in the hostile territory of their homeland, taught to endure until they succeeded. Most Ox samurai already had a few scars and were well used to extreme climatic conditions by the time they passed their gempukku, which was celebrated with alcoholic drinks. They also learned about the nature of criminal organizations and how to counter them. The gempukku was followed for many members of the clan by a secret induction into the Kolat, which was replaced by a discussion of the Kolat and how to fight them after Morito's death. [4]

Known Techniques Edit

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