Mori Kuroi

Mori Kuroi

Mori Kuroi, also known as the Black Forest, was the innermost portion of the Isawa Woodlands.

Superstition Edit

The Tribe of Isawa believed the forest was haunted, and avoided it completely. Isawa himself entered in the Black Forest, spending a whole week within. Since that day the fear of the heimin diminished, but never left their hearts. [1] This portion of the forest had been never truly tamed, home of spirits and strange creatures which took a dim view of mankind. [2]

Origin Edit

In the 10th century Mori Kuroi was just a manor house hidden deep within the forest. There Kuzushi no Oni was summoned, and later the remorseful Isawa Kuzushi tried to banish the Oni back to Jigoku. Instead the Oni was set free and wreaked havoc in the Phoenix. After it was eventually dragged back to the Shadowlands, Mori Kuroi was left blackened. Since this time the place where the dead trees surrounded Mori Kuroi was known as the Black Forest. [3]

Plague Edit

In 1123 when a Solar Eclipse released Kuzushi no Oni from its prison in the Spirit Realms, after two hundred years of imprisonment, it found itself bound to the forgotten estate it was first summoned. The oni used its powers to unleash a lethal plague spread with magic, known as the Darkfever Plague, and many lives were lost until a group of clever Magistrates located and destroyed the demon. [4]

Haunted Edit

During the Battle of Oblivion's Gate in 1133, Kuzushi's spirit escaped Jigoku becoming a Freed Yokai, and returned to the mortal world. Maddened by an eternity of suffering, Kuzushi stealthily returned to Mori Kuroi where he hid for decades, slowly trying to recover his sanity. He had been successful, but his hold was tenuous at best. Kuzushi tryed to determine if he should attempt to atone for his crimes or throw his lot in with the Shadowlands and make one last bid for power. [5]

Passage to other Realms Edit

While the Heart of Nature held the passages to Yume-do, Sakkaku, and Chikushudo, Mori Kuroi held a gateway to the realm of Toshigoku. It was rumored that an Agasha family shugenja left a terrifying curse on this portion of the woodlands to avenge her daughter's dishonor. The Lying Darkness witnessed the casting of this spell and intensified it to the point that the place was considered an extension of Toshigoku. [citation needed]


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