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Shinomen Mori

Shinomen Mori

Mori is the Rokugani word for Forests or Woodlands.

Types Edit

Forests varied greatly from one part of the Empire to another. In the north dominated woodlands of great coniferous, pine, oak, spruce, birch, and maple. Southward, the most common woodlands were comprised by maple, oak, apple trees, birched, willows, pear trees, and plum trees. Central and south-central Rokugan was dominated by bamboo trees. On Rokugan's southern coasts and in the Mantis Isles black ebony, red mahogany, strong balsa, teak, ash, hackberry, palms, and various fruit-bearing trees were common. [1]

Rokugani Forests Edit

Aireru Mori "Empty Forest"
Akagi Mori "Akagi Forest"
Atsumaru Mori
Chinsei Mori
Crow's Flight Forest
Dragon's Heart Forest
Eiko no Mori
Eye of the Needle
Forest of Ishikure
Forest of Lies
Forest of Persistence Stone
Forest of the Dreamers
Grove of Darkness Denied
Grove of Games
Grove of Inari
Grove of the Five Masters
Hayashi no Uragirimono "Traitor's Grove"
Hero's Grove
Itode Grove
Jukko no Mori "Forest of Reflection"
Kawa Forest
Kaya Mori
Kokoro Nezuban Mori "Heart of Vigilance Forest", Akodo Mori
Kitsune Mori "Fox Woodlands"
Maku Ki no Hebi "Coiled Serpent Tree"
Midori Kenko na Mori "Healthy Green Forest"
Mori Isawa "Phoenix Woodlands"
Mori Kage "Shadow Forest"
Mori Kuroi "Black Forest"
Nazo Mori "The Forest of Enigmas"
Osari Mori
Seto no Mori
Shinomen Mori "Hidden Forest"
Sokustel Forest
Takaai Grove
Tanuki Grove

Colonial Forests Edit

Forest of Lies
Seven Tanuki Grove


  1. Emerald Empire; Fourth Edition, p. 20

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