Morehei family
Patron family: Doji family
Clan: Crane Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Morehei family was a vassal family of the Doji. It was nearly completly extinct after the Morehei Island sunk. [1]

Duty Edit

The Morehei were dedicated to Suitengu, the vengenful Fortune of the Sea. The Temple of Suitengu was built at Kyuden Morehei, and an enormous statue of Suitengu guarded the Morehei Island's harbor. In time, the island became a place for leisure, neglecting the Temple of Suitengu. [2]

Destruction Edit

In the 8th century there was a tremendous earthqake that sunk the island into the sea. [1] Some said that Suitengu had punished its Daimyo, Morehei Yuo. The Morehei's city rested intact at the bottom of a deep-sea fissure, filled with the Morehei's treasures. Yuo himself haunted the central vault as a shozaigaki. [2]

Morehei Daimyo Edit

Morehei Yuo (c. 8th century)


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