The Fury of the Hantei was a small group stationed at the Fox Clan Embassy in Otosan Uchi. They were a special unit tasked solely with enforcing the Emperor's will in matters not suited for magistrates. [1] The group was created in the 11th century, formed by soldiers, courtiers, merchants and diplomats from every minor or great clan. [2]

Charter Edit

The Mondai Ketsu could reach where normal magistrates could not, and were answerable only to the Emperor. Nicknamed the Fury of the Hantei, their actions were ordered by the Emperor whose word was considered Imperial law. They resolved situations in the most direct manner possible, and a frequent history of bloodshed put the group at odds with other groups within the Imperial Court such as the pacifist Phoenix Clan or more diplomatic Crane Clan. [2]

Feud Edit

They were previously located inside the Unicorn Clan embassy, but before the Scorpion Coup a feud had emerged with the Moto and their leader Moto Ujiaki. To reduce the number of bloody encounters, the Mondai Ketsu were relocated the newly created Fox Clan Embassy. [2]

The Last Hantei Edit

With the death of the last Hantei Emperor, the Mondai Ketsu were used less and less, and were completely inactive by the reign of Toturi I. [3]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159, during the Fall of Otosan Uchi, the shadowlands forces stormed the Fox Embassy and killed all inside, including his commander Kitsune Taro. [1]

Resurrection? Edit

When the Kitsune were already part of the Mantis Clan, Kitsune Iwarou, the great-grandson of Kitsune Taro, decided that it was time to resurrect the group. It was not known if Iweko I accepted his demands. [3]

Known Commanders Edit


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