Monastery of the Five Rings

Monastery of the Five Rings

The Monastery of the Five Rings was the first temple of the Order of the Five Rings.

Foundation Edit

In the year 523 the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Kento ordered to build a monastery located in the foothills of the Spine of the World Mountains, close to the old Seikitsu Pass in Lion lands. It was dedicated to the study of Gorinno's teachings, the religious leader of the movement known as Five Rings, Five Clans. [1] It was completed in only three years. [2]

Heresy Edit

As Gorinno proposed to merge the Crane and Scorpion Clans, both Great Clans saw his teachings as dangerous, but they were unable to prevent the monastery's construction. In the year 525 the Phoenix Clan led by the new Master of Void Isawa Amiku chose to establish supervision over the new monastic sect, leading to conflict with the Lion Clan in the courts, and border skirmishes on the ground. The monastery was completed in the year 528 after several delays caused by Scorpion sabotage. In the year 531 Isawa Amiku led an army to conquer the monastery, but the Phoenix were routed. [3]

Abandoned Edit

After the collapse of the Five Rings Heresy, the monastery was abandoned and falls into ruin. Many years later it was rebuilt as an outpost of the Four Temples Order. The inner libraries of the restored Monastery of the Five Rings kept records of the heretical sects of the past, watched over mainly by former Ikoma, along with a few retired Inquisitors and ex-Witch Hunters. [2]


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