Mizu no Oni

Mizu no Oni

Mizu no Oni was the Elemental Terror of water.

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Mizu no Oni 2

Mizu no Oni

Mizu no Oni would normally take the form of a polluted blob of water, but moved quickly and could hide in large bodies of water, waiting to attack. Mizu no Oni could shape-shift into creatures it had engulfed, and while shape-shifted it absorbed their memories, speech, and non-magical items. It preferred to attack from within, using its shape-shifting ability to wreak havoc, an act it enjoyed thoroughly. Occasionally it demanded the sacrifice of a large body of water which it might live in for a time and Taint. [1] Mizu no Oni often left behind corrupted bodies of water as sign of their presence. [2]

Creation Edit

In 1126 [3] the Terrors were created by the collaboration between all four Dark Oracles even an Oni of the Void, living in a dead volcano bear the Festering Pit known as the Womb of Terror. [4]

Attack to the Nezumi Edit

This year the nezumi Crippled Bone Tribe were nearly destroyed by the Elemental Terrors. [3]

Crane Lands Edit

In 1127 a spawn of Mizu no Oni decided to wreak havoc across the fields of the Doji while the Crane defenders where elsewhere. It attacked group of samurai who were carrying a package. In the fray the package hit the ground and split poen, showing its content. It was the Katana of Fire, an Elemental Nemuranai, crafted with the blessings of the Elemental Dragons to bring the balance the terrors had broken. The group readily used the katana to defeat the oni. [5]

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