Dragon Lake

Dragon Lake (I)

The Dragon Lake in the Aishou province [1] was called that because of the shrine to the guardian of water on the south side of the lake. Some said that the Dragon of Water would appear here to those worthy. [2] It provided water to the network of farming villages that dotted its shores [3] and it was the birthplace of the River of the Lost Valley. [4]

Shinjo Lands Edit

Dragon Lake rested at the center of Shinjo territory and farmers used the lake as a source of irrigation. The lake was generally cool and temperate and rarely freezed over even in winter. [5]

Jade Salve Edit

With water from this lake Kuni Mokuna developed a topical ointment, Jade Salve, which applied to a wound protected it from taint corruption. It also had powdered jade, and a combination of secret oils and plant extracts. [6]

Naga City Edit

There were rumours that a Naga city called Nagashi Naga Toshi was located at the bottom of the lake. [2] A handful of Shinjo scholars knew its exact nature. [7]


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