Chrysanthemum Petal Lake

Chrysanthemum Petal Lake (BB)

The Chrysanthemum Petal Lake (BB) in the Eijitsu province [1] was named so for the hundreds of Chrysanthemum's that lined the shores of the lake, [2] The liquid carpet of flowers was renowned throughout the Empire for its beauty and serenity, drawing pilgrims from every corner of Rokugan. [3] It was located South to the Spine of the World Mountains. [4]

Legend Edit

The legend of the chrysanthemum's was that they were planted by Hantei XVII, mourning the loss of his son. During the annual Chrysanthemum Festival most Emperors would visit this lake [2] in the midpoint of the festival, to renew his connection to the Celestial Heavens with a silent prayer. The prayer ended with the Emperor removing a snow-white petal from the lake's surface. Legend held that such a petal could heal the sick or mend terrible wounds if consumed by one of Imperial blood. [5]

Temple Edit

On the banks of the lake were located the Calm Heart Dojo [6] and the Temple of the Lost Moto. [7]

History Edit

Dark Moto Edit

In 827 Moto Tsume led a vast Dark Moto army out of the Shadowlands and into the Unicorn's territory. They were turned back by the Unicorn and ashigaru forces near the shores of the lake in the Battle of the Chrysanthemum Petals. [8]

Passage to Mantis Islands Edit

In 1200 in the waters of the lake a passage to Thunder Dragon Bay was found by Iuchi Namida, and it served to evacuate a handful of samurai from Tokigogachu and monks from Maigosera Seido who fled the relentless slaughter of Shadowlands hordes falling into the bay and awaking on the shore of Chrysanthemum. [9]


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