Mizu-umi is the Rokugani word for Lakes.

Rokugani Lakes Edit

Aka Mizu-umi "Red Lake", "Lake of Shining Glass"
Fallen Chrysanthemum Lake
Kagami no Tengoku "Heaven's Mirror"
Kishi no Mizu-umi "Forbidden Lake", "Lake of Crystal"
Lake of Silent Dreams
Mizu-umi Kiku Hanabira "Chrysanthemum Petal Lake", "Kiku no Hanabira Mizu-umi"
Mizu-umi no Fuko "Lake of Sorrows"
Mizu-umi no Sakura Yuki "Lake of Cherry Blossom Snow"
Mizu-umi Ryo "Dragon Lake"
Sazanami Mizu "Sazanami Lake"
Shiroi Kishi Mizu-umi "White Shore Lake"
Sleeping Lake
Tsunegawa Lake
Underground Lake beneath Otosan Uchi

Gaijin Lakes Edit

Underground Lake

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