Miya family
Organization: Imperial Families 
Founded: 46 
Daimyo: Unknown 
"There are no Miya heroes." ([1])

The Miya family was founded by Miya, originally a follower of Otomo. Miya was entrusted with spreading the news of the victory at the end of the War Against Fu Leng by Hantei as the Emperor lay dying. In return for his service in this matter, Miya was given his own family among the followers of Hantei Genji at the coronation of the Shining Prince. The Miya were now the Emperors' Heralds, carrying edicts to his people. [2]

Duty Edit

In the Dawn of the Empire The Miya were trained in running, riding, and memorization, serving as heralds and couriers. [3] When the Empire was fully formed the Miya filled many positions within the bureaucracy and the Emerald Magistrates. Their devotion to the Emperor's Law made them highly sought arbitrators and judges. They controlled the Imperial Herald station, traditionally held by the Miya Daimyo. [4]

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Lands Edit

The Miya chose to inhabit lands which were modest in size, poor in wealth, and relegated to a distant part of the Empire. The lone province of the Miya was nestled against the foot of the Spine of the World Mountains, a place of rolling foothills that gave way to wide open plains, trickling streams and waterfalls in the mountains, lightly-wooded forests in the hills, and swaying grasslands and wildflowers in the plains. [5]

Mon Edit

The mon of the Miya was representative of their duty. It resembled a complex seven pointed star, but it was actually seven half-moons, the Great Clans, surrounding two concentric circles, being the outer circle the Emperor, and the inner was the Miya, the smallest part of the design which kept the rest in balance. [6]

View of Minor Clans Edit

The Miya had a close bond to the Minor Clans, and they were often the instrument that delivered the Emperor's approval when a petition was granted. [4]

Politics Edit

Vassal families Edit

The Anou vassal family of the Miya were originally Kaiu family vassals but were absorbed by the Miya per an Imperial Edict centuries ago. [7]

The following were the vassal families of the Miya:

Daimyo of the Miya Edit

The following were the known daimyo of the Miya family:

Miya 46 - ?
Miya Kazu (c. 387)
Miya Sadamasa (c. 400)
Miya Karuo (c. 589) - 608
Miya Yoto  ? - 1125
Miya Satoshi 1125 - 1128
Miya Yoto c. 1128
Miya Yumi c. 1128 - 1169
Miya Shoin 1169 - 1198
Miya Kiyokaizu 1198 - 1200

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