Please note: This article is about the woman who named herself after her heroine Miya Yumi, the Miya Daimyo. For other uses of the term, please see Miya Yumi (disambiguation).

Miya Yumi was a student who named herself after Miya Yumi, the Miya Daimyo.

Name Edit

Her sensei was a respected Miya Herald who had served Emperor Toturi I. He, constantly said she reminded him a great deal of the daimyo Miya Yumi in her youth. As a gesture of respect towards both her sensei and Yumi, the young girl asked the retired daimyo for permission to adopt her name. [1]

Bitter Betrothal Edit

In 1169 Yumi returned to the Imperial City after the Battle of Toshi Ranbo, when the Phoenix already had secured the city. She received a message from her father, an arrangement of marriage between Yumi and the Ox Clan Champion Morito. Apparently her family to secure the family's position in the turbulent political climate, was attempting to form an alliance with the Minor Clans through several political marriages. She found it intolerable and retired herself of any political post to live a life as a Miya Herald. [2]


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