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Miya Yemi 
Miya Yemi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1156 
Siblings: Miya Yumi 
Spouse: Miya Dosonu 
Children: Miya Shoin

Seppun Yemi was a minor courtier in the entourage of Toturi[1] who after marriage became Miya Yemi.

Married Edit

She met the returned spirit Miya Dosonu and the two were married by which she became Miya Yemi. [1]

Dosonu's death Edit

In 1150, after the War of Spirits was over, Toturi commanded that all spirits should return to their rightful place, and the Phoenix Clan built a portal, the Leaping Place, for that purpose. [2] Dosonu knew it was time to return to the lands beyond death. [3]

Son Edit

Shortly after Dosonu died Yemi gave birth to their son Miya Shoin. [1] Yemi decided his son would remain on Ningen-do even if it was meant she was disobedient to the Emperor's edict. [4] Shoin as son of a returned spirit also bore the glowing aura,but unlike most children of the spirits, Shoin's otherworldly aura remained long after adolescence. [5]

Death Edit

Yemi died six years later from the grief of loosing Dosonu, and Shoin was raised by Yemi's sister Miya Daimyo Miya Yumi. [1]

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