Miya Tsurugi was a Miya Herald.

Imperial Herald Edit

Tsurugi had been newly posted as Herald, and seeking to gain a reputation. [1]

Imperial Scrutiny Edit

In 1166 the princess Otomo Hoketuhime knew the Emperor Toturi III was being defied by the second Gozoku. The Otomo wished the Emperor to appear stronger, and to do that his clans must appear strong. She saw the Badger a Clan that did not show strength to the Empire, and sent Tsurugi to assess whether Emperor Toturi I made a mistake in allowing the Badger to retain the Minor Clan status. The Crane guessed they would seize the Ichiro territory if the status was revoked, and sent the diplomat Doji Koin and his advisor Asahina Hira. [1]

Tsurugi's view Edit

Tsurugi was an honorable man, but he was given an unenviable task. He viewed the mission as some sort of punishment. Tsurugi was predisposed toward finding the Badger incapable of fulfilling their duties because he feared that if they remained he would be assigned there on a more permanent basis, and so remote place gained little recognition. [1]

Keepers Edit

The four known Keepers, Kaiu Sugimoto, Kakita Tsuken, Doji Jun'ai, and Mirumoto Masae, appeared at Shiro Ichiro. When they knew the Badger concern, they offered their aid. The Badger had to prove they were fulfilling their duty as a Clan. Hideo no Oni had been during thirty years the Badger nemesis, and it again had appeared. The Ichiro sent his forces led by Ichiro Kihongo's grandson, Ichiro Ryozan, to track and kill the oni, aided by all the guests presents. [1]

Hideo no Oni Edit

The oni was tracked near a temple, cornered and pinned down. Despite of this Tsurugi view it as a weakness, because Hideo no Oni had been roaming the Badger lands during thirty years without being cut down. He decide to inform Hoketuhime that the Ichiro could not fulfill their duty. Even the arguments teh four keepers gave him was not enough to change his mind. [1]

Keeper of Void Edit

The old temple where the oni was killed had been recognized as the Ryoshun's Grave. The Badger had guarded it since their foundation. Asahina Hira had deciphered a kanji which stated the real duty of the Badger. It had been set by Hantei himself, to avoid that mortals entered the temple until the Tenth Kami walked the earth once more. When Tsurugi knew of it, he recognized the Badger were fulfilling his oath to the Hantei family. The Miya would use the Emperor's Blessing to fund the Badger and the Crane would pay the taxes of the next year. The Crab would fortify the temple, and they would provide food enough that the Badger warriors could return from abroad to protect these mountains. Asahina Hira had been proved to be enlightened, becoming the last keeper, the Keeper of Void. [1]


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