Miya Records

The Miya Records

The Miya Library at Kyuden Miya held extensive records on heraldry and personal mons of both great an minor clans. [1] The Miya Records were the historical annals of the Miya family, [2] the third-largest library in the Empire (behind the Isawa Library and the Ikoma Libraries. [3] They were also known as the Miya Histories. [4]

Librarians Edit

Inscribed above the entryway was the family motto (“There are no Miya heroes”), being the service in the library dreary, repetitive work, focused on meticulous filing and research, and the staff was largely composed of failed Miya Heralds. The Head Librarian was expected to have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the library's contents and to know all the mon of all the clans, Great and Minor, living and extinct. [3]

The Miya Records Edit

The Archive of the Emperor Edit

Every single proclamation of the Emperor was copied and stored, with extra copies placed in theImperial City's own records. This section was open to visitors, who could see copies of these records. The Head Librarian personally verified each copy when it was made, and each proclamation was given a new transcription once a century to ensure readability. [5]

The Archive of Winter Court Edit

In this section was recorded the location of each Imperial Winter Court, those treaties which were signed, a list of each guest who was present, of the participants in each major contest, the winners of those contests, and any particular lore that springed from each. [5]

The Dead-Letter Archive Edit

This section stored each letter which could not be delivered, usually due to the death of the recipient. It would remain, until the original recipient came to claim it, usually a ghost or a returned ancestor. In the wake of the War of Spirits, the Miya released nearly a tenth of their entire archive. [5]

Private Records Edit

The most controversial information was kept in private logs, far from the public eyes of the many historian that researched into the Records. [6]

History Edit

Yasuki Lineage Edit

During the Four Winds age within the Miya Records were found documents that proved the Yasuki lineage of Akodo Kaneka, and his legitimate claim as Yasuki Daimyo. [7]

Scrolls Stolen Edit

In the year 1200 a group of Scorpion Ninja stole several scrolls which had information about the Sacred Seals. [8]

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