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Miya Onako 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Miya Bugen,
Otomo Norezaiko

Miya Onako was the governor of the Eternal Danger Islands.

Early Years Edit

Onako was daughter of Otomo Norezaiko, a highly respected nakodo, and of Miya Bugen, a wealthy and respectable sensei. Onako was a prodigy of the Court who excelled in the Miya Herald school. Her harsh and domineering demeanor made Onako ill-suited for peaceful diplomacy, and her parents used their wealth and political influence to gain Onako acceptance to the elite dojo of the Imperial Scions. This made her a pariah within her own family, and Onako arranged to be sent as Imperial administrator to the new city of the City of the Prosperous Dawn, in the Eternal Danger Islands. [1]

Station Edit

Onako took residence in Shiro no Raiden. Among her court was Togashi Tajiri, whose odd behavior and knack for puzzle-solving fascinate her, [2] also a Scorpion ambassador, Shosuro Atari, and Matsu Tadaka, the City commander. Eventually peasant woodsmen came racing into the city, reporting of dead bodies in the forest. The scene of the massacre was examined by the shugenja and hunter Moto Kesshite with Asako Hiiromi, who found several Rokugani pinned down by unknown creatures, leaving behind only one survivor. Onako ordered Kesshite to discover the culprit with the aid of Tadaka. [3]

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