Miya Naganori 
Born: 330 
Died: 353

Miya Naganori was the true hero of the Victory With No Strike. [1]

Lion attack Edit

The Lion Clan attacked the Phoenix while their allies the Crane were bound by a non-agression pact with the Lion. [2] Naganori, twenty-three years old at the time, researched ancient law tomes and found a way to circunvent the issue, so the Phoenix could be supported militarily. [1]

Death Edit

On his way to Kyuden Doji Naganori encountered a group of ronin working for the Lion, and in the ensuing fight his leg was severed. Grievously wounded, Naganori endured and after two days he reached the Crane Clan Champion, passing him the critical information before dying. [1] The Lion were forced to negotiate a truce when they were caught by a force of Daidoji 'bringing supplies' to the besieged Phoenix. [2]


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