Miya Masatsuko

Miya Masatsuko

Miya Masatsuko was a courtier and Herald of the Imperial Families.

Arbiter Edit

In 1172 was held the first annual tournament resembling the Emerald Championship, as per Iweko I's command. In such a way the spirit of the Empire would raise and the winner would be appointed in the Emerald Magistrates. Masatsuko was the arbiter, but she had a rift with the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen and was dismissed. [1]

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Masatsuko was still a vibrantly beautiful woman, despite she was approaching middle-age. She had been appointed in the Colonies, where a Herald outpost was being built with the support of the Crane. The lecherous Doji Yoshitada, representative of the Crane there, met Masatsuko to request her approval to lower the rates of any Miya within Twin Forks City. [2]

P'an Ku's Madness Edit

In an alternate history of what might be the Empire if P'an Ku's madness spread unchecked, Hida Fujita would be the Emerald Champion, with aged Miya Matsasuko at his side. An Empire assailed from without by P’an Ku’s madness, and consumed from within by the zealotry of the Fudo cult. The Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu would die defending Rokugan of the hordes of Fallen who attacked the Empire. [3] In the reality Masatsuko known of this madness plague through displays at Imperial Court. [4]

Lion - Scorpion Conflict Edit

Miya Masatsuko 2

Masatsuko signs the writ of war

In 1199 Lion made allegations that the Scorpion were using trade caravans to move information and spies through Shamate Pass under the pretense of supplying their fortifications at the Second Pit. Eventually, conflict escalated and war was petitioned by the Lion. [5] Masatsuko signed the writ that officially sanctioned the war. [6]

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