Miya Karuo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 608 
Spouse: Three un-named wives 
Titles: Miya Daimyo,
Imperial Advisor

Miya Karuo was the Miya Daimyo during the reign of Hantei XVI.

Demeanor Edit

Karuo was a thoroughly corrupt hedonist who used his position to gather great wealth and power for himself and his family. In the most troubled and poverty-stricken regions of the Empire he used to celebrate parties, known for their depravity and lack of respect for Rokugani traditions and decorum. [1]

Friend to the Imperial Heir Edit

Karuo's father required he had to learn everything he would need for his duties before he could be proclaimed as the heir to the Miya family. Karuo made friend to Hantei Okucheo and convinced his father to accompany the Imperial Heir on his travels across the Empire. He was his herald, making preparations for the Prince's arrival to his next destination. These preparations inevitably included sampling the food and entertainment of the region. [2]

Miya Daimyo Edit

When Karuo returned to Otosan Uchi he had gained seventy pounds. His father was on his deathbed, unable to see what his son had become, thus Karuo became the Miya Daimyo. Soon enough he was recalled to the side of his childhood friend, to become the Imperial Advisor of the new Emperor. [2]

Imperial Advisor to Hantei XVI Edit

In 589 Okucheo had become Hantei XVI, the Golden Chrysanthemum, and Karuo was one of his closest advisors, alongside with Daidoji Tojo, Hida Tsuneo, Akodo Tsurikan, Shosuro Tsia, and Suzume Kirako. In 591 he was placed in charge of the new Imperial Legion known as the Golden Legion. [3] Karuo used them to smuggle exotic delicacies from all corners of the Empire. He become extremely rich, and his officers acquired fabulous wealth as well. Karuo maintained four concubines and many lovers, marrying three times, each bride dying mysteriously. [2]

Steel Chrysanthemum Edit

In 594 Tojo used information about Okucheo's political maneuvers to his own agenda, destroying years of Okucheo's meticulous planning. The Emperor ordered Akodo Tsurikan, Shosuro Tsia, and Miya Karuo, to ruin Tojo. He was discovered to be guilty of crimes against the Empire, with evidence supplied by Tsuriken and Tsia, and was hanged. After this event, Hantei Okucheo began to refer to himself publicly as the Steel Chrysanthemum. [4]

Hantei XVI's Enforcer Edit

In 595 the Golden Legion killed every samurai of a Crane province which had been unable to pay its Imperial taxes. In 597 trade caravans of those known to disagree with Hantei Okucheo's policies began to disappear on roads patrolled by the Golden Legion. [5]

Death Edit

In 608, during the Imperial Winter Court, Hantei XVI accused Miya Karuo and Akodo Tsurikan of treason and ordered them tortured and executed. [6] By this time Karuo had grown to be over three hundred and fifty pounds in weight, and went to his death still pleading for mercy. [2]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Miya Daimyo
589 - 608
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Imperial Advisor
(c. 589) - 608
Succeeded by:


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