Miya Kaishako was a Herald of the Imperial Families in the 12th century.

Station Edit

Kaishako was a small athletic woman, clever and somewhat restless, who kept her hair long, tied back in a simple ponytail. After her gempukku, Kaishako was initially sent across the Empire on remote missions and obscure assignments, as usual for a new Herald. [1]

The Lair Edit

Kaishako was injured while traveling through the Twilight Mountains, and members of the supposedly extinct Boar Clan brought her to the Lair, a remote valley isolated from the Emerald Empire since the early 6th century. She was nursed back to health, and told she was required to stay in the valley forever. Kaishako was carrying very important and terrible news, so she quietly but urgently sought a way out of the Lair. [1]

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