Miya Ichiko was a Miya Herald and magistrate of the Imperial Families.

Appearance Edit

Ichiko was a sturdy muscular and serious woman in her thirties, dressed in a businesslike hakama and gi. Her hair was croppe short, an adaptation to the cloying humid heat of the Colonies. [1]

Colonies Edit

Ichiko was a Herald who spent several years carrying messages across the Colonies. Her political connections with the courtier of the Second City Otomo Akio let her to receive a more prestigious appointment, replacing the retiring magistrate of Kalani's Landing. Yoritomo Hogai and a ronin named Choro were her two yoriki. [1]

Merchant Conflict Edit

The samurai-ko was ordered to block any investigation about the activities of Daidoji Iyashi, a merchant who got into mercantile tussles with both Yasuki Kappako and Yoritomo Hokare regarding a jade mine. Ichiko argued that “rivalries of commerce” were beneath her notice so long as no laws were being broken, claiming to take no interest in the various clashes and maneuvers of Iyashi, Kappako, and Hokare. [2] Eventually she was exposed by a group of samurai and Ichiko fell in disgrace. [3]

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