Miya Hiyoko 
Born: 1050 
Died: Unknown

Miya Hiyoko was a Lady Imperial of great standing in the Imperial Court.

Hantei XXXVII Edit

Hiyoko served under the reign of Hantei XXXVII, and outlived nearly all the Emperor's courtiers and aides. Her Lost Love was Miya Yurikago. [1]

Retired Edit

He went blind and retired to the "Last Breath" in the Forbidden City. The woman of nearly seventy-three had taken as aide a peasant [1] with an extraordinary voice, by the name Biko, prior to the Scorpion Coup. In 1123 she was pondering to bring the heimin into the Forbidden City as a permanent resident. [2] Her decission to replace their Miya assistants by a heimin was controversial in her family. [1]

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