Miya Heikichi

Miya Heikichi

Miya Heikichi was an elderly custodian of the Miya heraldic archives.[1]

Yasuki Lineage Edit

It was Heikichi who caused the events leading up to the Second Yasuki War when he gave a scroll to Kitsuki Remata. She scroll placed Akodo Kaneka's mother, the geisha Hatsuko, in the ruling line of Yasuki. With this evidence, and the recent deaths of the Yasuki Daimyo and his son, Kaneka was believed to be more closely related to the rulership than Yasuki Hachi [2] [3]

The scroll was later requested by Ikoma Fudai, a vocal supporter of Hantei Naseru, to help in restoring the damaged archives of the Ikoma, preventing further examination of the document.[1]

Kaneka and Remata later suspected that the scroll had been forged by Miya Ippei, but he died of a Liquid Void overdose before he could be questioned.[4]

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