Miya Arugo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c.1135

Miya Arugo was a courtier in the court of Emperor Toturi I. He was present in 1135 when a Naga contingent visited the capital Otosan Uchi to meet with the Emperor. The Naga wished to offer the Empire one last gift before they entered their deep slumber once more, a large glowing golden pearl. The pearl rendered Toturi speechless, and Arugo decided to reply in his place. Arugo declined the gift, the first of the customary two refusals before accepting. The Naga took the first refusal at face value, apologized for taking up the Emperor's time, and left.[1] Sometime not long after, Arugo was along in his room as he composed his death haiku. As the sun rose that morning, he drew his wakizashi and committed seppuku.[2]

"Honor slips away, A pearl through unfit fingers. Thus my duty ends."
-Arugo's Death Haiku


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