Miya Anzai

Miya Anzai

Miya Anzai was a bushi and magistrate of the Imperial Families.

Destroyer War Edit

Fire in the Shinomen Mori Edit

In 1171 Anzai during the Destroyer War she saw wildfires near the northern edge of the Shinomen Mori ravaging the dry plains near the region and threatened the Unicorn Clan's scouts stables with their legendary Shinjo steeds. Despite the best efforts of the Khol Regulars, led by Moto Kang, the stables would have been lost.

When the stables seemed lost, the Spider surprisingly arrived, to aid the Unicorn against the wildfires. It was the Dark Wind unit led by Moto Yuudai. Once the fires were dealt with, tension between Unicorn and Spider arose, because Daigotsu Chaozhu was sighted, known to the Unicorn as the believed dead Moto Chaozhu, brother of the Khan, Moto Chen. The description of the Spider's unit, however, was considered similar to that of the Dark Moto, believed eradicated. The use of maho was also witnessed by the Unicorn.

Small creatures helped dragging off the corpses of the Shinjo steeds burnt by the fires, but it was unknown for what purpose. His name was mentioned in Miya Shoin's report to the Empress, but he didn't consider it a name for a goblin and had his underlings attempt to find any mention of the word "Gakku" in the records. [1]

Kidnapped Edit

In 1172 Anzai made a report of the battle that eradicated a horde of minor oni by a combined Rokugani force. During his return she was intercepted and detained by bandits, and she took a toll upon her captors killing two of them. A group of sohei monks of the Order of the Spider had been stalking the bandits, and alongside with a detachment of Lady Doji's Eyes rescued her. [2]

Sohei Edit

Returned to duty Anzai make scrutiny of sohei activities near the ruins of Otosan Uchi. There she saw the abbot of a monastery talking with Yuudai, who had been reported as one of the leaders of a cavalry force responsible for assisting in the defense of a Unicorn stable some time ago. [3]

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