Mishima was a wealthy Crane merchant of the crane Clan.

Temple of Suitengu Edit

who in 137 made a trading voyage from Crane lands to the Mantis Isles. Her vessel sunk and she was the only survivor. For days she was left stranded in the middle of the ocean, and near to fall unconscious Mishima had a vision of Suitengu. The Fortune ordered her to build a new temple in the first piece of land site she would set foot upon. When Mishima awoke she was on the shore, and all her attempts to leave the island were wasted. She returned to the beach and found a blue pearl inside an oyster near the outline of her first footprint there. Using all the funds at her disposal Mishime founded the Temple of Suitengu, after years of labor. The blue pearl was set in the out-stretched palms of Suitengu's statue. [1]


  1. Way of the Open Hand, p. 44

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