The Mirumoto Provinces of the Dragon Clan were also known as the Lowlands.

Landscape Edit

Consisting mostly of hills and meadows it contained almost all of the Clan's farms and business. The lands were as close to normal lands you could get in the Dragon lands, with well kept roads and peasant villages sprinkled liberally throughout. Magistrates maintaind lending houses and marketplaces in most villages, and the majority of the Dragon Clan Army was stationed throughout these provinces. The roads were regularily patrolled, and the largest of the villages even have garrisons stationed nearby. 90% of the Clan's peasant population lived in these provinces, and were almost always friendly, open and respectful to travelers. Shiro Mirumoto laid to the north of the provinces, at the foot of the Great Wall of the North mountains. All business with the outside world was conducted through here, and few visitors were permitted to travel north of this point, so Shiro Mirumoto therefore housed the courtiers and diplomats from other clans. [1]

Sub Provinces Edit

Mirumoto provinces

Mirumoto provinces

The Mirumoto provinces were divided into four smaller provinces; [2]

Former Provinces Edit

During the time of Emperor Hantei XVI there was a Mirumoto province called the Chokai province. It was unclear what became of this province, although it might simply have changed it's name or been absorbed into one of the other Mirumoto provinces. [3]

Famine and migration Edit

The Dragon of Fire took residence in the mountains of the Great Climb, forcing the Kitsuki and Mirumoto to leave their homes and migrated to Ki-Rin's Shrine, [4] and Kanawa Taki. [5] The lands were still covered by ashes when the War of Spirits began. [6] The Phoenix Clan offered their protection, but the Dragon took the lands for their own, which enraged the Council of Five. [7]


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