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Mirumoto Yukihira 
Mirumoto Yukihira 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1128 
Parents: Mirumoto Sukune 
Titles: Mirumoto Daimyo

Mirumoto Yukihira was the son of Mirumoto Sukune and nephew of the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Shosan, and therefore cousin of Mirumoto Satsu, Mirumoto Hitomi and Mirumoto Daini.

Duty Edit

Yukihira was the Dragon Clan weapon master and a formidable opponent on the battlefield, especially when wielding his grandfather's daisho. [1] He had trained with and taught virtually every Rokugani weapon. [2]

Hitomi Edit

The death of Satsu led to the slow degeneration of Shosan's spirit. When the Daimyo reached his retirement age the family was led by his brother and Yukihira's father, Sukune, until Hitomi would be of age. [1] When Shosan's wife died, the retired Daimyo committed seppuku, passing on his position to his daughter. [3] Yukihira challenged Hitomi for the position, however Hitomi won. [1]

Scheming Edit

Yukihira began scheming behind Hitomi's back, attempting to usurp the position of daimyo, but with little success. [4] When Hitomi was believed killed in the Battle of Beiden Pass Yukihira manipulated Daini into taking the daimyoship, most likely because Yukihira believed Daini would be easier to usurp. [5] As Daini struggled more and more with the leadership, Yukihira finally took command of the Dragon forces at Beiden Pass [6] and the Mirumoto family. [7]

Death Edit

Yukihira held the position of daimyo until he was confronted by Hitomi outside Otosan Uchi on the Second Day of Thunder and was killed by her in the ensuing duel. [8]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Mirumoto Daini
Mirumoto Daimyo
Succeeded by:
Mirumoto Hitomi


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