Mirumoto Ukira 
Mirumoto Ukira 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159 
Titles: Topaz Champion

Mirumoto Ukira was a bushi of the Dragon Clan, and the Topaz Champion.

Topaz Champion Edit

Ukira became the Topaz Champion, defeating Daidoji Hachi in the final [1] of 1154. Doji Yasuyo, [2] Doji Nagori also competed in the tournament. [3]

Spirit Wars Edit

During the War of Spirits Ukira fought the Hantei XVI's Spirit Army and confronted Togashi Mio. [4] Mio supposedly died in the duel.

War of Fire and Snow Edit

Dragon Heart Plain Edit

Ukira was defeated by Matsu Tejin on the Dragon Heart Plain. In truth, Ukira was forced to withdraw because he had vital information that had to reach the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Uso. [5]

Fighting the Phoenix Edit

Mirumoto Ukira 2

Mirumoto Ukira

Ukira fought alongside Mirumoto Temoru against the Phoenix. He did not believe there was a Secret of Isawa that could help them in the Dragon-Phoenix War as Temoru believed. [6] Ukira saw the devastating effect of Isawa's Last Wish in the hands of Shiba Aikune. [7] He became a General in the Dragon forces. [8]

Death Edit

In 1159 a young Daidoji by the name of Daidoji Ekiken was insulting the Agasha family and the Dragon Clan. This outburst was an attempt to discredit Ukira in public to weaken the Dragon position, due to the newly arranged Crane-Phoenix alliance. When he finally brought the insult as far as the Mirumoto family, Ukira asked if Ekiken was insulting his honor. The duel was unavoidable, but Ekiken's older brother Daidoji Enai took his place. The duel was fought, and although both Enai and Ukira were wounded, only Ukira was wounded severely enough to cause his death. [8]

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