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Mirumoto Tsuda 
Mirumoto Tsuda 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Emerald Champion

Mirumoto Tsuda was a duelist bushi of the Dragon Clan.

Emerald Champion Edit

In 1199 Tsuda ascend to the office of Emerald Champion, while his predecessor Utaku Ji-Yun retired and assumed the mantle of Utaku Daimyo. [1] In the finals Tsuda defeated Toku Kyoko, the Monkey Clan Champion. He selected Yasuki Umi-Ushi as his First Magistrate. Tsuda was an honorable man with a strong sense of justice who tended to follow his gut instincts. He avoided being mired in the politics of his own clan and actively avoided engaging in Dragon politics. [2]

Investigating the Kokujin Edit

In the month of the Hare of 1200 his friend Tamori Daiishu was in the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo to record the events leading to the coronation of Iweko Seiken. Tsuda asked him to investigate the reappearance of Tattooed Monks who used the Kokujin family name. [3]

Coronation of Iweko II Edit

During the coronation of Iweko Seiken as Iweko II, Tsuda stood next to the dais of the Emperor. As the favored vassal of the Emperor, he would stand guard during the ceremony, serving as a symbol for the entirety of Rokugan, which the Emperor would swear to rule fairly and protect. [4]

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Mirumoto Tsuda 2

Mirumoto Tsuda

Tsuda becomes Emerald Champion

Tsuda becomes Emerald Champion

Preceded by:
Utaku Ji-Yun
Emerald Champion
1199 - Present
Succeeded by:


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