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Mirumoto Tomo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Mirumoto Daimyo

Mirumoto Tomo was daimyo of the Mirumoto family of the Dragon Clan in the later 7th and early 8th centuries.

Vision of the Dragonfly Clan Edit

Tomo was approached by Mirumoto Asijin with a request to allowed to perform seppuku, after the latter lost his first wife and their child, but he denied him that request as well as subsequent requests to retire to a monastery, saying that he has had a vision concerning Asijin, and that he had a great destiny yet to fulfill for his Clan. [1] For although Asijin served Tomo faithfully and without hesitation, Tomo always denied anything Asijin asked of him. Whatever the request, Tomo always said no. [2]

After falling in love with Isawa Maroko, but realizing her betrothal to Akodo Yokutsu, Asijin once again approached Tomo with a request for commiting seppuku. Once again Tomo denied him saying: "Fate whispers in your ears. Do not ignore what it says." [1]

Asijin's Wedding Edit

When Asijin and Maroko decided to marry with or without the consent of their families, Asijin approached Tomo again, requesting to be relieved of his duties and, to his surprise, Tomo assented. [1]

It was unclear what part Tomo played in the Dragon Clan's decision to intercede in favor of Maroko and Asijin during the Battle of Kyuden Tonbo (704).

Preceded by:
Mirumoto Daimyo
(c. 704)
Succeeded by:


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