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Mirumoto Tokeru 
Mirumoto Tokeru 
Born: 433 
Died: 456 
Died after return: c.1158 
Siblings: Mirumoto Ryudumu

Mirumoto Tokeru was born the youngest of twins.

Brothers Edit

During the birth, the first child came out easy. The second was much more difficult however, and nearly killed the mother. The second child was named Omosa, which he went by until his gempukku when he took the name Tokeru. Tokeru became his brother, Mirumoto Ryudumu's, most trusted lieutenant. Ryudumu was not a particularily gifted commander, and while the men admired Tokeru they secretly mocked Ryudumu. Tokeru would however support his brother. When Ryudumu married, he watched his wife jealously. Ryudumu believed his wife eyed his brother, and the jealousy turned violent. [1]

Death Edit

Ryudumu challenged his brother to a duel and Tokeru, by far the better swordsman, had not the heart to kill his brother. Ryudumu slew his brother, who was remembered as one of the most heroic and tragic Mirumoto througout history. Tokeru's death was remembered on the third day of the Month of the Rat. [2] [1]

Return Edit

Tokeru returned through Oblivion's Gate during the 12th century. He, alongside other notable returned spirits such as Isawa Ijime and Gusai, was murdered sometime later. These murders sparked an investigation led by Miya Shoin at the behest of Hantei Naseru. [3]

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