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Mirumoto Takeo 
Mirumoto Takeo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Mirumoto Takeo was a bushi Emerald Magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Appearance Edit

Takeo was a grim man in heavy armor. [1] He was often accused of being intense or brooding. He subscribed a simple philosophy: embrace one thing, a single concept, and through unyielding devotion one can come to understand the universe's unbridled beauty. [2]

Guarding the North Edit

In 1161 Takeo was the commander of the fourth Tower of Flame, to protect his family and clan from the enemies that threaten them to the north, as the Yobanjin of the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire. [2]

Message to Rezan Edit

In 1165 Takeo was commanded to deliver a message to Rezan, the ronin poet and returned spirit. During the Rain of Blood a Dragon, Mirumoto Sakura, had been corrupted and fled to the Shadowlands. In her belongings appeared an unfinished letter adressed to Rezan. When Mirumoto Satsu was told of the content of the letter he knew that Rezan should read it. [3]

Unicorn Lands Edit

Rezan was living at Toshi no aida ni Kawa, the City Between the Rivers. It was a Unicorn territory, and due to the Dragon attack to Lion and Unicorn in the War of the Rich Frog, Takeo was treated as a spy and detained. The governor of the city, Shinjo Turong, summoned the poet who read the letter and was amused. It had been written by the reincarnation of his dead wife. Takeo, Rezan and the Imperial Herald, Miya Shoin, left the Unicorn lands. [3]

War of the Rich Frog Edit

Takeo was appointed as advisor of Mirumoto Kei when the Dragon Imperial Legions intervened in the war. In 1166 Kei crushed three divisions of the Unicorn, the Baraunghar advance guard. Takeo commanded the Dragon forces that faced the Battle Maiden division led by Utaku Xiulian. [4]

Death Edit

Takeo died fighting the battle maidens, but the Utaku division was destroyed with the sacrifice of Tamori Tsukiro who exploded his potion bottles to destroy the Utaku remnants. [4]

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