Mirumoto Taiu 
Mirumoto Taiu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Mirumoto Nobuso,
Hida Barako

Mirumoto Taiu was a bushi of the Dragon Clan.

Family Edit

During the Clan War the nefarious Kuni Yori ordered the imprisonment of many non-Crab who were serving on the Kaiu Wall. Hida Barako, one of the guardians, and Mirumoto Nobuso, one of the prisoners, had a son. Only hours after childbirth, Barako gave Taiu to his father and released Nobuso from his prison. Nobuso headed north, while his lover committed seppuku to clean her stain. [1]

Iron Mountain Dojo Edit

Taiu was a student of the Iron Mountain Dojo, and loved combat a little too much. More than the Dragon Clan felt no comfortable with. [2]

Training with the Crab Edit

Taiu was sent to train with the Crab because of his love for battle. He enjoyed his time there, but longed for his home in the mountains, and within a year of training with the Crab he returned to the Mirumoto. He knew this was his home, and turned his berserker tendencies towards guerilla tactics, and the Dragon-Phoenix War provided an outlet for his talents. [2] Taiu had vented his overwhelming rage in battle, replacing it with a cool head and a practiced style that merged much of both Hida and Mirumoto styles. [1]

Ambassador to the Crab Edit

After the war ended, Taiu returned to the Crab lands as the Dragon ambassador to the Hida, serving atop the Kaiu Wall once more. [1]

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