Mirumoto Shokan 
Mirumoto Shokan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Unnamed Mirumoto father,
Unnamed Kitsuki mother

Mirumoto Shokan was a bushi of the Dragon Clan.

Training Edit

Shokan was sent to study with his mother's family among the Kitsuki rather than his father Mirumoto's school. Shokan would become a valued aide to the Provincial Daimyo. [1]

Heibeisu Edit

Shortly after the Dragon-Phoenix War began in 1158 Shokan first arrived in Heibeisu. His aid was invaluable in maintaining the city as a viable entity during the war years, and was appointed the city's new governor by Mirumoto Rosanjin shortly after the war's conclusion in 1161. [2]

Wolf Legion Edit

In 1161 Saigorei led the Wolf Legion to the city of Heibeisu, to pledge their allegiance to Shokan and the Dragon Clan. To the Wolf Legion Shokan was a kindred spirit of their founder, Toturi. [2] He became his new leader, one who shared the virtues and commitment of the great Toturi. [3]

Rain of Blood Edit

Shokan was at the orders of the Kitsuki Daimyo, Kitsuki Iweko, and went to Heibeisu to investigate a bloodspeaker cell. The lair of the cultist was abandoned and Iweko guessed they had been lured there by the bloodspeakers for unknown reasons. They came back to Shiro Mirumoto and informed Mirumoto Rosanjin, when a Rain of Blood covered the area and many dragons fell to its corrupting touch. [4]

External Links Edit


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