Mirumoto Saiko

Mirumoto Saiko

Mirumoto Saiko was a bushi and kensai of the Dragon Clan.

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Saiko was not a prodigy, but a student who found her own answers through patience and determination. After her gempukku many were surprised at how skilled she had become. She was appointed as yojimbo to several courtiers. she slowly rose through the ranks until she was admitted to the elite Mirumoto Sword Masters. [1]

Hundred Stances Dojo Edit

Saiko was fascinated with the idea of a place solely dedicated to the art of the blade, the Dojo of a Hundred Stances. She was sent there, and spent her time with preparation, careful study, and intense focus. [1] Saiko eventually considered her prepared to challenge the champion and sensei of the dojo, Matsu Hirotaro, the right of any duelist who wished the title of the dojo's champion. The duel was fought with bokken, and the arbiter Seppun Osokawa declared the victory of the current champion upon Saiko. Hirotaro told her that the blade was a living, creative thing, something difficult for Saiko to understand given her methodical and pragmatic spirit. [2]

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