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Mirumoto Retsu was a magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Colonies Edit

Retsu was an older man with a salt-and-pepper goatee and a heavy limp from an injury endured during the War of Dark Fire. He was appointed as local magistrate at Shiro Hebi, the seat of power of a province in the Colonies ruled by Mirumoto Kokure. Retsu resided in the town which laid between the castle and the close Shinano River. Daigotsu Zurui was his yoriki and liason with the Spider garrison. [1]

Murder Edit

In the late 12th century Mirumoto Bakane was stabbed in the back behind the Inn of the Brass Fan. Tamori Tamanako, a shugenja passing through the city, claimed she had witnessed the assassination, and reported to Retsu. Her testimony was instrumental to arrest Gopti, a baldy Ivinda who had recently arrived to the town with his family. Kokure ordered them hanged. Eventually Tamanako was found guilty after a group of samurai investigated the incident. The shugenja confessed she had been blackmailed by Doji Chonitsu, an influential Crane in the Second City, into murdering Bakane and pinning the blame on Gopti. [2]


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