Mirumoto Rai 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Chui

Mirumoto Rai was a hot-tempered bushi and chui of the Dragon Clan.

Appearence Edit

Rai was a slim and spare-featured handsome young man, with dark emotion filled eyes. He enjoyed poetry, and would silently construct haiku in his mind while practising kata. [1]

Tournament of the Samurai Edit

Rai was selected as one of the representatives of the Dragon to attend the Tournament of the Samurai hosted by the Phoenix Clan at Pale Oak Castle. He was secretly tasked with sabotaging the peace efforst, although the presence of Doji Aiko distracted him from this duty. [1]

Murder! Edit

When the host of the tournament, the daimyo Asako Shizu was murdered, the blame initially fell on Rai. Because he was having an affair with another of the guests, Doji Aiko, he was unable to provide an alibi for the murder. It was later revealed that Shiba Reikun had been the real perpetrator. [2]


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