Mirumoto Niwa 
Mirumoto Niwa 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Three un-named sisters

Mirumoto Niwa was a samurai-ko of the Dragon Clan.

Bad Omens Edit

The fourth daughter of a fourth daughter, Niwa was born under a very peculiar star, and at her birth, an unfortunate birthmark on her back was identified. Her mother refused to give her to the Togashi to live in seclusion, and the Dragon Clan Champion sanctioned her mother's choice, so Niwa was raised in the Mirumoto ways. [1]

Training Edit

The woman matured into a bright, cheerful, timid woman, moon-faced, charming, and quick to grin. She become an assistant to her instructor at the dojo for her martial skills. In her came to age, she chose the name “Niwa” because it was lucky when combined with her family name. [2]

Station Edit

Failed Yojimbo Edit

Niwa was appinted yojimbo to Kitsuki Togai, a cold and distant charge. She eventually saw him performing maho, but Niwa did nothing. The next day Togai had banished and she requested her lord to commit seppuku. Niwa was sent to the Colonies in punishment instead. [2]

Second City Edit

Niwa served as a gunso assigned to the protection of the Temple of the Rising Dragon, an unimportant task as the place did not need protection. [2] Eventually Niwa was appointed as yojimbo to Togashi Ango, a Tattooed Monk appointed in the Second City. [3]

Riots Edit

Niwa defended the Temple of the Rising Dragon during the Siege of the Second City, until an Imperial Legionnaire gunso defeated her. Niwa was placed under custody of a fellow kinsman, a Mirumoto legionnaire, and moved to the Dragon Embassy, along with her charge Togashi Ango. [4]

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