Please note: This article is about the magistrate. For other uses of the term, please see Naoki (disambiguation).

Mirumoto Naoki was a magistrate in a minor village in the Dragon lands.

Appearance Edit

Naoki had the look of a bureaucrat rather than a warrior. His fingers were ink stained and a further smudge adorned his forehead. He was thin and his kimono was not particularity clean, though it gave the image of one who simply forgot to clean it rather than one who was truly slovenly. [1]

Keepers Edit

Naoki was visited by two of the Keepers, Kaiu Sugimoto and Mirumoto Masae. They were seeking a boy who the locals believed had some sort of special powers. The stories also said that he had been taken from his parents. Naoki was a wicked man who had taken the boy and chained him. If the boy truly had powers, Naoki would use them to his own benefit. Naoki tried to foul the keepers but he was exposed. The boy was released and he was forced to leave the village in the middle of the winter, with few chances to survive. [1]


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