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Mirumoto Mitoshi

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Mirumoto Mitoshi

Mirumoto Mitoshi

Mirumoto Mitoshi was a samurai-ko and kensai of the Dragon Clan.

Yodotai Edit

Mitoshi was a gunso who in 1198 departed from the Second City to command a Colonial Dragon detachment in the Western Wastes, north to the Empty Plains. They were scouting the movements of Unicon and Lion forces, who were scouring a gaijin threat that were believed responsible for a number of attacks against Unicorn caravans in the Ki-Rin's Path. [1] They found the gaijin camped in an oasis in the center of the Sand Sea. Her men killed several sentries, taking their scrolls with orders. Mirumoto Gaito managed to translate the name of their leader, the Yodotai Legulus. [2]

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