Mirumoto Masaya 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named diplomats 
Siblings: Un-named elder sister

Mirumoto Masaya was a samurai-ko duelist of the Dragon. She was considered to be the finest practitioner of Niten since Mirumoto and his son Mirumoto Hojatsu despite no record existed of Masaya ever having participated in any duel that was completed. [1]

Yojimbo Edit

Her parents were both diplomats who sent Masaya to be trained as a yojimbo in the Mirumoto Bushi school as her gifts for the blade were so obvious. Her first assignment was protecting her elder sister, a prominent Dragon courtier in the Imperial Courts. Eventually Masaya was forced into a duel with Doji Shimitsu, the Crane Clan Champion's personal student at that time. The Crane withdrew from the duel after the two spent several minutes examining one another's stances. [1]

Legend Edit

After her death was known that Masaya had participated in no less than fourteen duels, and that her opponent withdrew in each instance. [1]


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