Please note: This article is about the grandson of the duelist Mirumoto Kyuzo. For other uses of the term, please see Mirumoto Kyuzo (disambiguation).
Mirumoto Kyuzo 
Mirumoto Kyuzo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165

Mirumoto Kyuzo was a bushi of the Dragon Clan.

Duelist Tradition Edit

Kyuzo came from a long line of Mirumoto duelists. His father and grandfather were exchanged with the Kakita Dueling Academy and studied the one-blade style. [1]

Barred by the Crane Edit

Kyuzo's grandfather, also named Kyuzo, was forced to kill a Crane duelist after the two graduated at the Tsuma Dojo. After the murder the family was barred from studying with the Kakita. [1]

Iron Mountain Dojo Edit

Kyuzo forsook the duelist style to embrace the traditional Mirumoto style, becoming a notable student of the Iron Mountain Dojo. [1]

Imperial Legion Edit

Kyuzo was appointed at the Imperial Legions and became a taisa. [2]

War of the Rich Frog Edit

In 1165 the conflict between Unicorn and Lion for the control of the City of the Rich Frog had escalated to a war]. The Emperor Toturi III commanded the Dragon to keep peace, and Kyuzo marched with his Dragon Imperial Legion. [2]

Death Edit

Shinjo Shono and a Junghar force had been stopped by the barricade installed by Kyuzo in one of the main roads between the Unicorn lands and the forces assembled at Kaeru Toshi. There were more Dragon troops concealed in the forest nearby. Kyuzo tried to provoke shono into a challenge, expecting to kill him, robbing the enemy of a formidable leader. Shono was not lured with the Dragon tactic, but finally the words of Kyuzo was more than the Shinjo could accept and fired an arrow to Kyuzo's chest, killing him instantly. Both armies fought and the arrival of a White Guard patrol led by Moto Ogedei saved the day for the Unicorn. [2]

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