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Mirumoto Koshiro was a kolat agent of the Tiger Sect. He betrayed the kolat at the end of his life.

Framing Kaelung Edit

In 1158 Koshiro ordered the assassination of Mirumoto Masazumi, a magistrate of Nanashi Mura who had made some discoveries, placing the blame on Hoshi Kaelung, a fellow of the Jade Sect. It made Kaelung to become an outlaw. Master Tiger thought that Kaelung might regret having left the Dragon Clan and he wanted to insure that continued loyalty to the Kolat was his only option. [1]

Satsu Assassination Plot Edit

In 1166 Koshiro knew the Master Tiger had ordered an assassination plot against Togashi Satsu, the Dragon Clan Champion. The power of Satsu and his foreseeing abilities had been grown with the years, and the kolat infiltration in the Dragon Clan was in risk. When Master Tiger received Kaelung's report of the events in the Twilight Mountains and learned how Satsu had taken the form of a true dragon, he was concerned and decided to kill Satsu. [1]

Betraying the Kolat Edit

Koshiro felt his true loyalty was with his Lord, Satsu, and he could not betray him. Koshiro sent a letter to Kaelung revealing his hand in the matter, and lured him to a teahouse in the Northern Wall Mountains. There, Koshiro explained to Kaelung the impending kolat plot, and giving a scroll with the information Koshiro had gathered about the kolat. Koshiro knew that he would be killed by the Kolat for revealing information about them, but he could not allow his lord Satsu to be killed by them. He was called Broken Tiger by Kaelung. [1]


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