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Shiro Hebi

Kokure's Lands

Mirumoto Kokure was a Dragon Lord in a province of the Colonies ruled from Shiro Hebi, north to Second City [1] and south to Journey's End Keep. [2]

Station Edit

Kokure was a muscular shaven-headed man with a short stature and a square, blunt face. He was an ambitious and harsh man who came to the Colonies seeking fortune. He was appointed by the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Ikoma Katsuru around 1188. [3]

Assasination Edit

Some Ivinda were accused of murdering a samurai in his lands. [2] There were rumors that he had ordered all the Ivinda in his province killed in retaliation. [1] A group of samurai appeared there to question the gaijin prisoners. He let them tspeak with his magistrate, Mirumoto Retsu. [4]

The Imperial Legion Advance Edit

In 1198 Kokure fortified his lands against the impending avance of the 9th Imperial Legion. [5]


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