Mirumoto Kojinrue

Mirumoto Kojinrue

Mirumoto Kojinrue was a bushi and kensai of the Dragon Clan.

Colonies Edit

Mirumoto Kojinrue 3

Kojinrue fighting the Dark Naga threat

Kojinrue was appointed to the Colonies where he became a scout and joined the Imperial Explorers. [1]

Ruined Ivory Palace Edit

In the area later known as Aramoro's Redemption [2] Kojinrue and Tamori Ruya made their way toward the ruins of the Ivory Palace in 1198, despite the Mantis opposition. Ruya was badly injured in a trap, crushed between two stone blocks. In one of the levels below the palace, the kensai was surprised to find a man there, by the name Anshu, who claimed he had located the Maharaja's Vault almost twenty years ago. It was not until ten years ago that Yoritomo Aramasu's son was actually able to enter. The wards that protected the last treasures of the Maharaja were still activated, ready against any of of Kingdomite blood. Kojinrue left the chamber with the books of lore sought by Ruya. [3] In their return to Kalani's Landing, they were chased by the spirits of the Maharajas, hungry for revenge for those who broke the seal of their treasures. The city's senior magistrate, Yoritomo Kanahashi, ordered to tend Kojinrue, who was grievously wounded and unconscious. The aid of a Toritaka was requested, to appease the army of dead. [4]

Lion Attacks Edit

The Lionbegan to attack the Spider encampments with Dragon advisors. The Lion had brought no testimony, levied no charges. While the Kitsuki found the truth of the matter, Kojinrue knew that they simply could not allow this to go unanswered. [5]

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Mirumoto Kojinrue


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