Mirumoto Kijima

Mirumoto Kijima

Mirumoto Kijima was a bushi and duelist of the Dragon Clan.

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 Kijima had been appointed as a gunso at Shiro Kitsuki. During a patrol near the castle they were attacked by a yobanjin group that outnumbered the Dragon almost two to one. The day was saved by the timely arrival of Akodo Hiroshi and his men, the Hiroshi's Legion. After the barbarians were routed the Lion commander was rude with Kijima, and marched. Kijimo enraged would report this incident to his superiors. It was not known if Kijima was told that these men all died this day fighting the Army of Fire, and reported they bore the plague, concealed by their armor. Hiroshi had been avoiding any contact with the Dragon denying their hospitality. [1]

First Guardtower Edit

Kijima was appointed in the first guardtower, in the western Dragon lands, a remote place far from any front. They were attacked by the Army of Fire led by the Son of Fire, who were defeated. [2]

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