Mirumoto Katagi

Mirumoto Katagi

Mirumoto Katagi was a bushi and kensai of the Dragon Clan.

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Katagi was a gunso who commanded eighteen bushi and two Tamori Yamabushi to explore a region in the Colonies. They found a fallen temple forbidden to the Spider as it nearly pulsated with dark energy. They were attacked by strange horrors who materialized in the air. Katagi managed to banish the ghosts, but after the fight he was holding a wicked looking, curved blade, which was quickly confirmed as a cursed nemuranai by a surviving shugenja. [1] The area was known as Durian King Cove. [2] Since he retrieved the blade, visions of bloodlust and fire plagued his mind. [3]

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Mirumoto Katagi


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