Mirumoto Kalen 
Mirumoto Kalen 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Topaz Champion

Mirumoto Ichi attended and won the Topaz Championship in 1172, and took his maternal grandfather's name upon completing his gempukku becoming Mirumoto Kalen. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

He and his friend Mirumoto Sansu marched led by Tamori Wotan to join the Dragon forces fighting the Army of Fire during the Destroyer War. [1]

Training Edit

His training under the sensei Fusami transformed him from a brash young upstart to a calculating, efficient warrior. [2]

Scorpion lands Edit

In 1173 Kalen fought the forces of Kali-Ma in the region of Bishamon's Curse. He was outnumbered by the Destroyers when Doji Yasuyo joined the fray. She managed to kill several of them before she was grievously wounded. Kalen killed the last enemy and run with the Crane maiden for aid. [3]

Yumi of Fire Edit

Mirumoto Kalen 2

An aged Kalen finds the Yumi of Fire

Kalen eventually found the Yumi of Fire, one of the Elemental Nemuranai. [4] An area in the Colonies was named Kalen's Sacrifice to honor him. [5]

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