Mirumoto Hojize 
Mirumoto Hojize 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123

Mirumoto Hojize was the Hojize district's governor prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1] He gained the post through his contacts with the Crane Clan. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Hojize was a corrupt lecher, greedy, contemptible, and utterly self-serving. His pathethic younger cousin, the monk Mirumoto Hinjaku, was the opposite to him. [1]

District Governor Edit

In 1121 Hojize granted Hinjaku, [2] as a means of tormenting him, a part of his own district. Hojize was baffled by Hinjaku's monastic lifestyle, so Hojize called in every favor he could muster to ensure that Hinjaku accepted his gift. Hinjaku was trapped there ever since. Hojize planned mischievous games to tempt his cousin into a lifestyle more like his own, but Hinjaku began a "cold war" for the sake of rescuing his district from Hojize's corrupion. [1]

Tsai district Edit

In 1123 Bayushi Tsai was appointed to as the Tsai district governor. One of his first action was removing all the Dragon members of the district's council. Hojize, still a Dragon at heart, began to find out why. [2]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Initially Hojize decided to survive the Scorpion Coup capitulating to the assailants. During all the Coup legions of eta and heimin under the command of Hinjaku harassed the Scorpion, and eventually Hojize was convinced by his cousin to enter the fray. He opened the concealed caches of weapons to offered them to Hinjaku's legions. Hojize began to work close with the military minds of the Toyotomi district, ferreting messages to the Great Clans, and coordinating attacks against the Scorpion. [3]

Death Edit

Hojize died of a massive heart attack shortly before the end of the Coup. [3]

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